To avoid the complexity of design and adornment, Extrasilk brings back nature comfort of clothing along with competitive price to provide a quality life.


Extrasilk is a traditional handmade silk garment manufacturer with 86 years history. Compared with garment made through assembly line in modernized factories, we inherit traditional craftsmanship and persist in cutting, sewing, pre-washing and ironing each garment separately, bringing garment-making from mass production back to an individual work of art. Every garment is made with great care. Accordingly, time on each Extrasilk garment is long, and its production is low. All we do aim to provide a comfortable and quality life for you.


Mulberry Silk - A Precious Present from Nature
Our luxury fabric is woven from mulberry silk with its utmost comfort and softness characteristic. Following century old tradition in making silk wears, each master persists in making one garment at a time, from start to finish.


We provide custom tailoring service for you in need, aiming at offering well-fitting clothing and enjoyable wearing experience.



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